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Date Topic
22/04/2021 Hotel : 1Q21 Results Preview: Temporary Increase In Pressure
22/04/2021 DRT : Good News Of Moderate Earnings Growth And High Yield Have Been Priced In
22/04/2021 TMB : Cautious View On Economic Challenges
21/04/2021 Food : Hemp Is Gaining Popularity
21/04/2021 BBL : 1Q21: Stronger-than-expected Results
21/04/2021 KBANK : So Far So Good
20/04/2021 KTC : 1Q21: Results Beat On Lower-Than-Expected Provision Expenses
20/04/2021 DELTA : 1Q21 Results Preview: Expect Earnings To Improve yoy And qoq
20/04/2021 TISCO : Focusing On Loan Quality Ahead
19/04/2021 ITD : Unsettled Issues May Limit Further Share Price Upside
16/04/2021 SPRC : 1Q21 Preview: Earnings Recovery Continues But Supported By Inventory Gains
12/04/2021 CHG : 1Q21 Results Preview: Steady Growth Amid New COVID-19 Wave
12/04/2021 CPN : 1Q21 Results Preview: Temporary Impact From Second Wave Of COVID-19
09/04/2021 SCC : Expect Improvement In Earnings In 1Q21 Due To Strong Chemical Spreads
09/04/2021 TU : 1Q21 Earnings Expected To Be Healthy
09/04/2021 Banking : 1Q21 Results Preview: Positive Growth Momentum Remains Intact
08/04/2021 CPF : 1Q21 Earnings Will Remain Strong
07/04/2021 BCH : Strong Earnings Growth As COVID-19 Pandemic Continues
07/04/2021 PTTEP : 2Q21 Core Earnings Likely To Be This Year’s Quarterly Peak
05/04/2021 MINT : Fully Prepared For Recovery After Reopening
05/04/2021 HANA : 1Q21 Results Preview: Expect Core Profit To Improve yoy And qoq

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