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Date Topic
30/07/2021 TOP : Buy For The Future
29/07/2021 HMPRO : 2Q21: Results Were In Line; Share Price Declined To An Attractive Level
29/07/2021 SCGP : 2Q21: Results Slightly Higher Than Our And Market Estimates
29/07/2021 HANA : 2Q21 Results Preview: Expect Net Profit To Decline yoy But Surge qoq
29/07/2021 VGI : 1QFY22 Results Preview: Narrow Loss Expected As COVID-19 Outbreak Worsens
27/07/2021 DELTA : 2Q21: Results Below Expectations; Many Concerns Ahead
27/07/2021 KKP : Growth Momentum Intact And High Dividends
23/07/2021 Property : Thailand 2Q21 Results Preview: Recovering From Last Year’s Lockdown
23/07/2021 DRT : Good News Has Been Priced In
23/07/2021 SCB : Positive Growth Momentum Intact Despite Impact From The Pandemic
22/07/2021 BANPU : ESG – Positive Outlook In The Near Term?
22/07/2021 KBANK : Undemanding Valuation And Growth Momentum Intact
21/07/2021 BBL : 2Q21: Stronger-than-expected Results
21/07/2021 TTB : 2Q21: Earnings In Line With Expectations
21/07/2021 CHG : 2Q21 Results Preview: Impressive Earnings Fuelled By COVID-19-related Items
21/07/2021 KCE : 2Q21 Results Preview: Expect Strong Earnings
20/07/2021 TISCO : Dust From The Pandemic Storm Has Not Settled
19/07/2021 KTC : 2Q21: Results In Line With Forecasts
19/07/2021 DTAC : 2Q21: Results Beat Our And Market Forecasts Mainly From One-off Gains; Upgrade to BUY
19/07/2021 BCH : Earnings Propelled By COVID-19-Related Services
16/07/2021 PTTGC : One Of The Few O&G Companies To See Upgrade Of 2021 Core Earnings

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