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Thailand Daily [Wednesday, May 30, 2018]

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30 May 2018

Thailand Daily: Sector: Property

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28 May 2018

Thailand Daily: Update: CPN TB

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12 Apr 2018

Thailand Daily: Update: CPF TB

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11 Apr 2018

Thailand Daily: Update: TH Property

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29 Mar 2018

Results: SPRC TB, TOP TB

Research Date: 
16 Feb 2017
เนื้อหา Economic News: 
Results Star Petroleum Refining (SPRC TB/HOLD/Bt12.90/Target: Bt12.20) /Thai Oil (TOP TB/HOLD/Bt74.75/Target: Bt70.00)

Update : TU TB

Research Date: 
23 Jan 2017
ธัญญา สุทวีปราโมชานนท์
Thai Union Group (TU TB/BUY/Bt21.20/Target: Bt24.50) : 4Q16 results preview: Earnings expected to drop sharply on a qoq basis

Strategy Alpha Picks: Taking Profit On ROBINS

Research Date: 
04 Jan 2017
Taking profit on ROBINS and replacing it with PTTGC.